Keeping an Open Mind towards Mental Illness and Mental Health


Mental illness and mental health is often discussed in current society. That is because there are many campaigns to get the word out.

It is important that mental illness and mental health be so widely talked about. About one to five or even a third of the population have mental illness. The different numbers can be attributed to different organizations doing research and coming to conclusions. Also, mental illness is still widely under reported due to the stigma. This might make it even more common than statistically assumed.

When thinking about mental illness and mental health, people should keep an open mind but also an educated mind. There are so many misconceptions out there that are just based on fear and stereotypes. This stereotypes especially are outdated. Keeping a false archaic mindset regarding mental illness and mental health does not benefit anyone.

Taking the time to explore these conditions will always be worth the effort. Chances are, someone in one’s inner circle is being affected by mental illness at present.